Väsen Live på Gamla Bion


Price: 22 euro with
post expenses included
Track List
  1. Kludd’n (Olov Johansson)
  2. Polska for Tom Morrow (Olov Johansson)
  3. Hundlåten (Mikael Marin)
    Fanny (Roger Tallroth)
  4. Lilla Kulturbidragsvalsen (Roger Tallroth)
  5. Carl Linnæus polones (Trad)
  6. Tiliandermenuetter (Trad)
  7. Eklundapolska nr 3 (Leonard Larsson)
  8. Magnus (Roger Tallroth)
  9. Flippen (Mikae Marin)
  10. Träbens-Jonke (Mikael Marin)
  11. Byggnan (Trad)
  12. Kapten Kapsyl (Mikael Marin)
  13. Nitti Pomfritti (Mikael Marin)
  14. Pilvi & Eskos Brudvals (Roger Tallroth)

Recorded live in Sweden on 24 July, 2014, this 2-disc set (video DVD and audio CD) captures the trio during their 25th Anniversary tour. The concert includes material from their "Mindset" collection plus some old favorites.

Both discs contain the full, two-set performance. The DVD also features interview footage. (DVD is Swedish with English subtitles optional, format is NTSC playable worldwide, 16:9 aspect ratio, running time is just over 90 minutes).

Sample Tracks

Väsen has been many times to Gamla Bion in Örsundsbro (the old cinema) during the 25 years we have played together. It's the amazing acoustics, nice audience and the warm atmosphere that always brings us back. We have also felt very welcomed by the enthusiastic association running the cinema. The idea for this recording came a few years ago, during Väsen's bicycle tour, when we were resting our legs outside the cinema, chatting with Eva Eldh, one of the organizers.

- You should make a live recording here at the cinema, Eva said.
- Yes, and you should make a film documentary about the place, Väsen said.

The ideas were planted and after some intense calling and organizing at the beginning of the summer, a film team and a sound engineer stood ready for Väsen's concert at the cinema 14th of July 2014. Thanks to many supportive and generous people we could make this happen! The audience showed up and we captured a concert we'd like to share with people who couldn't come. Hope you like it!