Välkomna till “Väsen på Björkberget”

06 Jul 2021

Efter förra årets succé med konserter i trädgården hemma hos Olov & Maggan på Björkberget i Dalby utanför Uppsala så har vi nu glädjen att meddela att det blir en konsertserie i sommar också. Väsen Duo står som värdar och inleder konsertserien den 7e juli med ”Officiell release-konsert” för nya albumet Väsen Duo.

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Nyckelharpa Instructions Online!

30 Oct 2020

Now it’s here! Nyckelharpa instructions online that covers many things you need to deal with as a player of this very cool instrument. How to: hold it, sit/stand and play, find your way around the key board, tune, adjust intonation, make it sound good and many more things. All the technique is Nyckelharpa specific, not genre specific. Also a number of great/fun tunes to learn. This is a mix of traditional Nyckelharpa music and more new composed material. This is something I have thought about and talked about doing with my Nyckelharpa teaching colleagues for a long time.

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Nyckelharpa built by Esbjörn Hogmark

New Nyckelharpa!

30 Aug 2017

Here it is! My new three rowed Nyckelharpa built by Esbjörn Hogmark. It is now fully adjusted and being introduced into different musical projects and concerts step by step. I have been trying and looking at so many different Nyckelharpas over the years. The old beautiful, good sounding and well working ones has inspired me and giving me all these ideas about how a Nyckelharpa should be like, how it should work, how the action should be, how it should sound and how it should look like. This is as close as we could get to all of these ideas this time.

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Release of MASKIN

19 May 2017

The new CD Maskin, the first recording with Olov Johansson, Erika Lindgren Liljenstolpe and Robert Larsson together can be ordered now for immediate shipping from Go to “Recordings” on this site and you will find it at the top.

This is sparkling fiddle playing in the Uppland tradition. The common love for the light, swinging and yet high energy fiddle style that Viksta-Lasse, Eric Sahlström, Curt Tallroth and Bosse Larsson were masters of has led to this recording.

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