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Now it's here! Nyckelharpa instructions online that covers many things you need to deal with as a player of this very cool instrument. How to: hold it, sit/stand and play, find your way around the key board, tune, adjust intonation, make it sound good and many more things. All the technique is Nyckelharpa specific, not genre specific. Also a number of great/fun tunes to learn. This is a mix of traditional Nyckelharpa music and more new composed material. This is something I have thought about and talked about doing with my Nyckelharpa teaching colleagues for a long time.

So when Olav Luksengård Mjelva asked if I was up for doing this under the umbrella of The Folk Music Academy I was very grateful someone had created the framework for these instructions and said "YES LET'S DO IT!" What I'm teaching is based on what I learned from the great masters like Eric Sahlström & Curt Tallroth to mention a few, what I have learned about this instrument together with my students at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm where I have been teaching for 25 years and also my teaching at The Eric Sahlström Institute where i was leading the Nyckelharpa/Fiddle education together with Sonia Sahlström and Ditte Andersson for almost 20 years.

Follow this link to The Folk Music Academy and you will get a 10% discount.

I hope you sign up have good use for it!