Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander

Sommarlåt by Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander

Price: 20 euro with post expenses included
Track List
  1. Sommarlåt (Olov Johansson) 3:10
  2. Dalbypolskan (Johan Hedin) 2:35
  3. Brudpolska (Olov Johansson) 3:10
  4. Mattis Vals (Olov Johansson) 4:15
  5. Choro para Elin (Anders Bromander) 1:51
  6. Ockelbogubbarnas favoritpolska (trad./Anders Bromander) 3:55
  7. Alvaringen (Olov Johansson) 3:08
  8. Två polskor efter Schedin (trad.) 3:50
  9. Polska efter Gällsbo-Jonas (trad.) 4:43
  10. Visa från Kulla (trad.) 4:40
  11. Bohlins Ridmarsch (trad.) 4:00
  12. Brudmarsch från Skokloster (trad.) 2:02

Sample Tracks

Sommarlåt is a long awaited recording with these skilled musicians. Most concerts they have played together during the last 24 years have been on duo in churches. Olov’s vigorous and swinging Nyckelharpa-playing together with Ander’s amazing arrangements and responsive playing on Baroque-organ and Piano has grown together and refined over the years. It’s swinging, mighty, and full of finesse, surprises and humor. The tunes are a mix of new compositions and some old ones, recorded earlier in larger ensembles. It’s also a mix of traditional tunes from the Uppland repertoire as well as new composed music with inspiration from various sources.