Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander

Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander
photo: Sarah Thorén

“Swedish tunes, baroque organ and jazz in close interaction”

Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander have played together since 1994 but it was first until April 2018 their first duo-album came out. Sommarlåt is a long awaited recording with these skilled musicians. Most concerts they have played together during the last 24 years have been on duo in churches. Olov’s vigorous and swinging Nyckelharpa-playing together with Anders' amazing arrangements and responsive playing on Baroque-organ and Piano has grown together and refined over the years. It’s swinging, mighty, and full of finesse, surprises and humor. The tunes are a mix of new compositions and some old ones, recorded earlier in larger ensembles. It’s also a mix of traditional tunes from the Uppland repertoire as well as new composed music with inspiration from various sources.

Olov and Anders met the first time 1994 when Anders was the piano player in Trio con X, improvisational jazz-trio from Uppsala. That year Trio con X and Olov Johansson recorded the album “Myskolyrisk Vals”. That’s where they found each other musically and their collaboration started. Anders was playing a couple of tunes on Olov’s solo album “Storsvarten” 1998. Both of them were in Anders Bromander Ensemble and the recording of “Like Cotton” 2004. Other members were Jan Allan, Tommy Johnson and Mats Engström. But all this time it’s been the duo-playing that has been the main focus and finally we can hear it on “Sommarlåt”.

ANDERS BROMANDER: Versatile Piano and Organ player and arranger who has worked in many musical contexts in Uppsala and it’s vicinity. Omniband and Trio con X (Musik i Uppland), Organist in the Dome-parish Uppsala, Anders Bromander Ensemble, Nisse Landgren, Anna-Karin Ako Nytell Oldberg etc.



Sommarlåt by Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander

Olov Johansson & Anders Bromander.

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