IN BEAT WEEN RHYTHM, Olov Johansson & André Ferrari

Olov Johansson & André Ferrari

Olov Johansson, nyckelharpa & André Ferrari, drums, percussion, bass etc.

Dear listener,

We are very proud to present the first album with In Beat Ween Rhythm. For us it has been, and is, an amazing musical adventure. We took the first steps on this path five years ago and here, you can hear what we found!

We have played together a lot in periods, for example in Väsen 1996 – 2003, but it has always been in larger ensembles. Now the time had come to investigate what happens when we with our different instruments, ideas, musical taste and experience compose new duo-music, with nyckelharpa and drums/percussion/bass. Melody and rhythm creating an always-changing tension that constantly puts both in new perspectives. Electronics and sounds adding to the whole. The offspring of the desire to play and create new music together.

We have composed eleven new pieces of music, each one unique when it comes to the method we have used to develop what you now can listen to.

We have often used the rhythms and subdivisions in the Swedish traditional music. But what happens if you change the grouping of the subdivision in a polska? What kind of melodies comes to your mind listening to these new patterns? What happens when Olov’s first idea is bounced against André’s polyrhythmic world?

We often realize that from our different points of view, we perceive and experience the music differently. We think the crucial balance between melody and rhythm is so vital that we always try to see it from the other’s perspective. We want the music to tell you more each time you listen to it. We want the music to resonate with itself and the listener and be experienced in many ways.

To us the result is fun, exciting, new, complicated, beautiful, intensive and simple. Hope you enjoy it!

-Olov Johansson & André Ferrari

Olov & André met the first time on the recording of “Återbesök I Holken” 1990 with Povel Ramel, famous Swedish composer, singer and musician. But it wasn’t until André joined Väsen around 1995 they started to play a lot together. With Väsen it was several recordings, winning a Grammis (Swedish Grammy) and lots of touring around the world during the years 1997 – 2002. Since then it has been occasional projets where they have worked together. For ex. Linnaeus Väsen 2007. Snarky Puppy’s Familly Dinner Vol 2 2015. André is now a member of Bokanté, an amazing band started by Snarky Puppy’s Michael League with members from different countries. Olov is still playing with Väsen Duo but also in other bands.


In Beat Ween Rhythm

InBeatWeen Rhythm CDcover

Olov Johansson & André Ferrari.

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