I Lust och Glöd

On this second solo album Olov plays Nyckelharpa, Kontrabasharpa, Fiddle & Octave Nyckelharpa. Solo and duets together with guest musicians: Catriona McKay, Harp · Mikael Marin: Viola · Markus Svensson: Nyckelharpa · Kalle Almlöf: Fiddle
Olov Johansson: I lust och glöd cover
Track List
  1. Polska efter Erlandsson (Trad)
  2. Gustav III:s drickslåt (Trad)
  3. Polska i G-moll av Ivar Tallroth
  4. Tryslingreinlenderen (Trad)
  5. Harppolska (Olov Johansson)
  6. Lunnsälgarn (Trad)
  7. Polkett efter Bohlin (Trad)
  8. Astrids Vals (Olov Johansson)
  9. Polska efter Svedmark (Trad)
  10. Polska efter August Bohlin (Trad)
  11. Polska efter Lindblad (Trad)
  12. Skottis (Olov Johansson)
  13. Lejsmepolskor i C-dur (Trad)
  14. Brudmarsch från Nora socken (Trad)
  15. De Geers Polska (Trad)
  16. Agnesvalsen (Trad)
  17. Söderstedts Polska (Trad)
  18. Ena foten i Uppland (Olov Johansson)
  19. Morfarspolskan (Trad)
  20. Hjort-Anders Stamppolska (Trad)
  21. Polska av Per Johan Bodin (Trad)
  22. Vals efter Herman Strömberg (Trad)

This music and these instruments aroused my interest when I was 14 years old, and I have been sold ever since. Although I compose new music and play in all sorts of contexts, I always return with passion, enthusiasm and with many new influences to the traditional tunes and catchy playing that my early heroes cultivated.

When I started thinking about this, my second solo recording, I decided at an early stage to record it at home in my own music room. It is in its own little house and goes by the name of 'Torpet' (little cottage). The microphones have been set out ready for several months and I have recorded when I could. I also decided early on that this would be a simple, fun recording of tunes, solo or duet. I have invited some of my friends in and we have recorded tunes we like playing together. Playing melody and second part / accompaniment as a duo, where just two people make all the music is an enjoyable and free way of playing together that suits me very well. The process of getting closer to each others' way of playing and timing and of working together to form and arrange a tune is intriguing. All the tunes were recorded at home in the 'Torpet' except those with Catriona, which were recorded at her home In Glasgow. (2007)

Sample Tracks